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    Lian Li PS-S650GE 650W Silent Force

    Manufacturer: Lian Li
    The ever increasing demand of power users for high-end products and outstanding performance has initiated Lian Li to announce a new series of Power Supply Units PSU called the “SILENT Force”. Building from Lian Li’s reputation as an enthusiast brand catering to the ultimate tastes the product features a 135mm silent-bearing fan modular cable management and Japanese Main Capacitors to ensure that the quality and standards as well as durability of Lian Li products is as outstanding as our customers expect. With clean and stable power driving your PC via the SILENT Force PSU and the multi 12V rails output and bead core protection for the PCI-e connectors failsafe safety protections and 80 Plus output all combine to give the SILENT Force PSU superior durability than anything else you are likely to get. SILENT Force PSU’s have today what PC power user’s need tomorrow
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    1. SILENT Force complies with the newest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3

    2. SILENT Force complies with the newest EPS 12V 2.91

    3. Environment friendly design for energy saving by Active PFC >.9 / High efficiency >80

    4. Power Failure Detector with OVP/OCP/OLP/SCP/UVP/OTP

    5. Support multi-core CPU and Multi GPU/graphics cards system

    6. Support over-clocked CPU GPU and RAM System hardware best stability power outpit.

    7. PCI-E connector with bead-core protection to minimized EMI for clean output

    8. Modular Cable Management

    9. Deliver FULL rated power output

    10. Universal Input automatically adjusts for 100V to 240V power grids

    11. 135mm silent-bearing fan and Japan made main capacitors ensure best product reliability.

    12. D connector for easy connector-removal

    13. External case coated with unique paint finishing