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    Abkoncore Cronos ZERO Noise Mini ABKO-CRO-ZERO

    Manufacturer: Abkoncore
    The front, left and right sides are covered with sound-insulating material to suppress vibrations and noise in the housing to ensure perfect silence. By applying air holes on both sides of the front panel, it quickly sucks the cold air out and keeps the inside temperature of the housing in the optimum state. It offers a space where the wind can flow around, the cold wind absorbs quickly and keeps the inside temperature in the optimum condition.
    SKU: CCS0024
    Manufacturer part number: ABKO-CRO-ZERO
    Availability: Out of stock
    €55.01 incl VAT
    i h
    Front/Left/Right 3 sides noise insulation material
    Built in front 140mm/ rear 120mm spider spectrum fans pre installed
    Front hairline design
    I/O port
    Application of air holes on both sides of the front bezel
    Bottom removeable dust filter
    HDD/SSD multi guide 2x
    HDD max 2x/ SSD max 5x
    Application of anti-vibration rubber pad on side of SSD mounting area
    CPU Cooler: 160mm
    GPU: 390mm